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It must be noted that followers of Christianity believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but this fact of his biography cannot be proved by the science.

This is the myth which usually appears near the influential historical personalities.

The impact of Jesus Christ should be considered in the historical perspective of the time when he lived.

It must be noted that his life and death was the important point for Christianity as the development of this religion was restricted by the followers of the old religions, so Jesus was considered to be a rebel, and that he confused the people.

It must be underlined that the approach of Jesus Christ to the teaching changed the attitude of the people to the education in general.

He made the people search for the truth, and he stated the importance of the education and the knowledge for the poor people.

The ignorance was considered to be a sin, so the people tried to seek the opportunity to get the knowledge not only about the god but the nature of the things. “Historical Influence Of Jesus.” Drive Thru History.

It must be noted that philosophy and Christianity in the middle ages had the strong connections, so it provoked the appearance of the great philosophical works about the order of the things and the questions about the existence and mind.

Jesus Christ made a great contribution to the development of Christianity which is one of the most influential religion not only today but in the history of the world.

Jesus Christ was charismatic personality which could lead the people and to perceive them to accept the new rules and the new dogmas.


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