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communicated messages through a series of long and short clicks.Cables across the Atlantic Ocean connected even the far-distant United States and England using this technology.

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This same groundbreaking group also made the first known attempt at television drama in 1928.

Businesses such as department stores, which often had their own stations, first put radio’s commercial applications to use.

After the World War I radio ban lifted with the close of the conflict in 1919, a number of small stations began operating using technologies that had developed during the war.

Many of these stations developed regular programming that included religious sermons, sports, and news.

When the government showed no interest in his ideas, Marconi moved to England and took out a patent on his device.

Rather than inventing radio from scratch, however, Marconi essentially combined the ideas and experiments of other people to make them into a useful communications tool.

By the 1870s, telegraph technology had been used to develop the telephone, which could transmit an individual’s voice over the same cables used by its predecessor.

When Marconi popularized wireless technology, contemporaries initially viewed it as a way to allow the telegraph to function in places that could not be connected by cables.

Around this time, telephones also transmitted opera performances from Paris to London.

In 1909, this innovation emerged in the United States as a pay-per-play phonograph service in Wilmington, Delaware.


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