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Morup (1992) notes that “quality is the most important and effective factor a company can use in the battle for customers.” To be competitive, we must satisfy the customers.

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Customer orientation and quality are not just a matter of ensuring that the contents of the product or services satisfies the customer needs.

The manner in which the service is delivered and the customers' relations with the company must also meet the customer's expectation.

However, the concept of TQM is not implemented within a short period of time.

Although there are many software solutions capable of assisting companies in the implementation of TQM systems, the companies must pay attention to philosophies that should be integrated in key departments and all managerial levels.

If there are problems with the process, hiring new employees or conducting numerous training programs does not solve the problem.

The first step should be taking corrective measures on the process then embarking on training sessions for the employees.There has been many arguments that TQM succeeds only by incorporating a concern about quality for the customers throughout the organisation.The truth of this statement and those facts that disagree with this statement will be look into and discuss in more detail to The intergrated model focuses solely for the organisation to achieve customer satisfaction through improving the quality for the customers.TQM systems can only function well if the results are quantifiable.This helps in monitoring the implementation process of the program to see if the anticipated effect is being achieved.Any other resources are usually adopted alongside the key principles of TQM (Robbins 8).The first principle of TQM argues that since it is possible to manage quality in companies, this must be done.Each employee should leave the customers satisfied and happy (Kurtus 4).Moreover, there should be mechanisms of measuring quality in companies.TQM is not a process that can be done once then stopped.Unlike management steps that end with a solution to the problem, TQM processes are conducted regularly in order to increase the loyalty and satisfaction of customers.


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