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This should help clarify your own objectives, and it will provide a handy reference for you as you present your case.

Sample essay Many organizations, especially those operating in the IT sector, often promote new employees to higher positions provided that they have the skills and expertise. In their opinion, only those employees who have stayed with the company for a long time should be promoted to higher positions. Experience that one gains by working at other companies is equally relevant.

All the best [Your name] Now, all you need to do is go through the template and replace anything in bold with the appropriate piece of information.

This should be pretty easy because you’ve already done all the hard work. This is just a template to get you started and show you the bare necessities you should include to make this as useful as possible.

The company says that its services are useful for “research into the subject, generating initial input for for further reasoning and citations...paraphrasing in accordance with major educational standards as well as tailored to your college / university guidelines for plagiarism.” It sponsored hundreds of You Tube channels, who told their viewers that it was a an easy and cheap way to pass their classes.

In this instance, the BBC found that the videos containing the endorsements were viewed more than 700 million times.Let’s go section by section to build your email and make your case. Address You’re writing this to your manager or whoever you will speak to about your promotion. Subject Make sure you include your name in the subject, and make it clear exactly what this email is about. Greeting Keep it short and sweet: “Hi Tina” will do.The bolded part is “Your manager’s name” because I’m assuming you’ll send this written request to your manager.This email isn’t a complete historical record of everything you’ve ever done for the company.This is a skimmable document that makes a strong case for whoever is holding the purse strings to give you a promotion.This isn’t an ironclad rule, but I recommend covering a reasonable amount of time (several weeks or a few months) in this section so that your case is as compelling as possible when you present it. This isn’t a complete record, it’s a skimmable list that should raise eyebrows when others see it.Remember that the person approving a promotion may not know who you are, so you’re giving them a short summary of your accolades to let them know that they should be impressed with you because other people are impressed with Josh Doody The best way to prepare your case for a promotion is to write it down.As it turns out, you’ll also want to have a written summary of why you deserve your promotion later on when you ask for a promotion, so we’re going to kill two birds with one stone in this section by building an email that summarizes your case.Here’s what your case for a promotion will look like once you’ve written it down. Introduction and request] Thanks for your time the other day.I’ve numbered each section in brackets so we can talk about it afterward. As I mentioned in our conversation, I would like to be considered for a promotion to [target job title]. Accomplishments Intro] I’ve been working very hard to prepare for this opportunity, and I think I am ready.


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