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When did you become a stay-at-home dad and why was that the best decision for your family at the time?I had taken myself out of a career path at that point already, and it appealed to me to stay at home and have time to write in the evenings and while my son napped.But it also really appealed to me emotionally because even though I had not wanted to be a father for most of my life, I had decided to embrace it as fully as I could.As writer and stay-at-home dad Brian Gresko sees it, narratives about fatherhood are slowly but surely becoming more present in overall conversations about parenthood.He notes that programs like NBC’s have honed in on dads by rebranding long-running segments like Today Moms into Today Parents (with an extra nod to Modern Dads).I think of the old Modernist image of the male writer as being unattached and kind of hardheaded; someone hard-drinking with big opinions.Norman Mailer comes to mind, or Kerouac, or Henry Miller, or even Hemingway, who has this macho air about him.You feel things more deeply; you feel love in a different way.You might have only experienced romantic love and now you’re experiencing this really warm sense of protection for another human being.When I came back home, I enrolled in an MFA program at The New School, my wife and I got married, and she became pregnant.My son was born a week after I got out of school, so my wife wanted to go back to work.


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