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This course is compulsory on the MSc in Comparative Politics.

This course is available on the MSc in China in Comparative Perspective.

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Students examine the theoretical and methodological underpinnings of Comparative Politics, important critiques of these underpinnings, and diverse examples of 'best practice' in research and writing in this sub-field of the discipline of Political Science.

Lectures and seminar discussions focus both on important areas of research in comparative politics and methodological challenges involved.

This course serves as the 'core', compulsory course for the MSc in Comparative Politics and is intended to provide an overarching theoretical and methodological backdrop for all of the diverse course offerings available to students on this programme.

The course introduces students to the field of Comparative Politics as represented in contemporary journals like World Politics, Comparative Political Studies, and Comparative Studies in Society and History, and among the various members of the Comparative Politics Group in the Government Department here at the LSE.


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