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During middle age aging begins to be considered in decline and loss in lieu of maturation and growth (Stoker, 2008).

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On the other hand, boys do outpace girls in development as well as thickening of the muscle during the adolescent ages, resulting into a surge in the strength of boys.

Physical development in a child attracts corresponding augment in cognitive abilities of the cerebral cortex and by extension neural pathways.

However, developmental change most frequently involves an interface between the two.

Age-linked development periods and cases in point of defined intervals include: ages 0-1 month (newborn); ages 1 month – 1 year (infant); toddler (ages 1-3 years); ages 4-6years (preschooler); ages 6-13 years (school-aged child) and (ages 13-20) adolescent (Kail, 2006).

In the middle mature age secondary aging starts to have an important effect on the functioning of body neurology and physiology.

A case in point is where both behavior and lifestyle choices, like alcoholism and depression, can impact significantly on neurological structure as well as cognitive ability (Stoker, 2008).

According to Patterson (2008), these advances allow for the accomplishment of invented audiences (mainly built from an apparent peer group).

In This manner the adolescent has the rare ability to theorize and memorize about other individual’s perceptions and by extension impressions of themselves; while, a little child only manages to view situations, circumstances and behaviors from their personal perspective.

Aging which is also a physical development appears to concurrently occur in two major separate domains throughout all of the adulthood stages which include: primary aging and secondary aging.

According to Stoker (2008), primary aging entails the ordinary, innate body progression from early maturity till death; but, secondary aging comprise progression linked with health habits, disease and/or environmental influences.


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