Essay About Theme For English B

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Form The poem is basically free verse and in no particular form.

On the other hand, as the poet progresses through his assignment, he becomes stronger and more confident.

Based on these musings, he surmises that he is confused due to his youth.

He guesses that he is what he feels, sees and hears, which is Harlem, New York.

Summary When the student begins the assignment, he wonders how hard it is going to be to complete it.

Essay About Theme For English B

Then he begins writing in his mind: He is twenty-two Colored Born in North Carolina Then to college in Harlem He is the only colored student in the class He is living in the YMCA He rides the elevator to his room and begins to put his thoughts on paper. Then he asks a satirical question: Will the paper be colored since he is writing it? Since they are invested in each other as student and teacher, they are a part of each other. We may not want to be a part of each other, but that is the way it is.

Narration The poem is written with a first person point of view with the poet as the narrator.

He acknowledges that he is the only black student in the class and his teacher is white as well.

He concludes that both of them will learn from each other, despite the fact that the instructor has the advantage of being older, white and ‘more free’.

All of these musings and conclusions become his page for English B. RHETORICAL QUESTION Stanza 2, line 6: The persona ponders the ease of what he is asked to do.


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