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Some universities ask you to write your essay in a free style.

Others ask for it describe objective questions or short texts.

Ad Coms pay a lot of attention to the essays, but they also try to come up with new essay questions which will help applicants better reveal their personality and aptitude for graduate management education.

It is always helpful to look into MBA admission essay topics well in advance.

So before you start writing, imagine that you are being interviewed by someone who wants to know you well and, in a nutshell, wants to understand why you are such an excellent candidate for that educational institution.

In general lines: Take instructions very seriously If the university asks you to limit yourself to a certain number of words or to include specific content in your text, follow the instructions.

Even better if they have experience reading essays of other candidates, and thus have a larger pool to compare you with.

Analyze what they say to you, and from there, improve word choice and the fluidity of your narrative. So be open to criticism and correct whatever you need to do it to the best of your ability.

There are many myths and misperceptions about MBA admissions essays.

Most applicants assume they have to say something special that the schools want to hear.


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