Essay About My Neighbor

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Home is a place that most people consider their haven, where they can relax after a hard days work, enjoy being with family, and spend the weekends and summers outside.

At the same time, being part of the neighborhood and getting to know the people who live around you can also make a neighborhood enjoyable.

The only choice is to get dressed, knock on the neighbor’s door, and explain to them that the noise is so loud that it is keeping you and your family awake.

Even if you wait until the next morning, it is still important to relay the message in a courtly fashion.

Title My Neighborhood is Great Introduction I really love my neighborhood. Of course, when the kids get home, there is more noise; but, it is relatively quiet all day in my neighborhood. The police drive around it Paragraph everyday and the kids play outside with no problems.

Even though it has the regular amount Paragraph of noise of any place, there are many peaceful moments.

One day, I couldn't start my car, and my neighbor asked what was wrong.

I explained that my car wouldnt start, and he got my car going again.

The breeze carried the drone of her The old women next door was out in her garden again before five in the morning.

The breeze carried the drone of her one-sided conversation with the black dog through my open window.


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