Essay About Learning English Is Fun

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How to find the right grammar game Remember one very important rule: you should never use a grammar game as a time filler.

It should always serve a learning purpose and have its own space.

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Why you should use grammar games Let’s be honest, grammar can be dull and boring and using grammar games can make studying fun and interesting.

The most popular grammar games Let’s take a look at the most popular grammar games out there: 1.

Would you rather A classic game that is used during bus trips and sleepovers.

It is never a bad thing to have a healthy competition where everyone is a winner, because it will help to learn a new rule and to use it.

Students will do their best to win and outperform others, which will only benefit their grammar skills and learning abilities. Help students to develop cooperating skills We have mentioned playing on competitive sides of young learners, but grammar games can bring people together and teach them how to cooperate with each other as well.

Games help to use grammar rules in a fun way Students will be able to actually use grammar in sentences rather than memorize it from a text book.

They also more likely will remember the rules after repetitively using them in a classroom.


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