Equal Opportunities And Diversity Essay

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Having able and disabled employees also represents a certain degree of diversity.

Effective management of diversity benefits organizations by improving communication among employees and facilitating innovation and diversity.

By treating contributions of every employee at the workplace as important, regardless of their experience, race or gender, useful insights about how to approach a certain task in the organization can be found.

Organizations that fail to take advantage of the diversity in their workforces may lock out ideas from employees that may be of phenomenal importance to the progress of the company.

This report presents a research that was carried out using both primary and secondary approaches to establish the importance of inclusion and diversity management on organizations.

Whereas the importance of diversity management is highlighted in this report, there is also evidence that points out the challenges that managers may face in managing diversity.Acknowledging diversity in the workplace motivates the employees and also increases their levels of commitment towards the organization.In a study carried out by Groeneveld (2011) on management of workplace diversity and its impacts on employee turnover, he established that companies adhering to diversity policies in recruitment and other human resource management practices in their organization had much less cases of employee turnover than those whose diversity management approaches were not as ideal.It is evident that if poorly managed, diversity will adversely affect productivity of human resources.Thus, human resource managers in organizations ought to implement effective diversity management practices so as to turn diversity into an advantage (The Times 100, 2013).This is because of the fact that a diverse workplace comprises of different talents, skills and experiences, and if these differences are combined and directed towards the achievement of a common goal, it is certain that it will be advantageous to the organization.In another research on workplace diversity, Herring (2009) established that effective management of a diverse workforce increases creativity and problem solving.Given that diversity will be almost inevitable in future, organizations have to ensure that they put the most effective diversity management practices in place.There is also a legal advantage of managing diversity in organizations and encouraging inclusion.Application of appropriate approaches in diversity management limits the chances of lawsuits by employees that feel excluded (Michalle & Barak, 2010).Not only does this save money that could have been spent on litigation expenses, it also creates a positive reputation of the organization to a wide range of stakeholders. (2012) argue that companies that target a market with diverse customers greatly benefits from employing a diverse workforce.


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