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You will either have to write two essays which are score by CLEP or an essay required and graded directly by your school. I have taken 30 credits worth of CLEP exams and I’ve passed them all by using your study guides.I actually purchased one of your study guides and failed my first test.

The two essay questions have different formats and focuses, so make sure you understand what the questions are asking you to do before you start writing.

The first essay prompt asks you to draw on your own experience and knowledge to comment on a topic or statement, such as, “There are no challenges so difficult, no goals so impossible, as the ones we set for ourselves.” You have 30 minutes to type your response.

The CLEP College Composition test includes two typed essay questions that students have a total of 70 minutes to answer, along with 50 multiple-choice questions that they have 50 minutes to answer.

You can maximize your performance on the essay questions by understanding what graders are looking for and, of course, by practicing as much as you’re able.

This study guide has been refreshed and created to teach you what you need to know to pass the new College Composition Modular CLEP test.

This new CLEP test includes several options for essays. _________________________________ My son, 15 yrs, has used two of your workbooks [Analyzing and Interpreting Literature and Freshman College Composition] so far and has gotten 12 college credits. _________________________________ I just wanted to drop you guys a line and tell you that I passed my final CLEP exam last Monday which gives me all of the credits I need to graduate.I did use instacert for practice on the questions mainly resource siting and type of format to use (APA, ect.) The essay itself was really easy and as long as you use the basic grade school outline you'll do fine. Nearly 3,000 colleges and universities allow students to earn course credit by taking a test through the College-Level Examination Program.One way to do so is by avoiding general terms or “filler” words such as “good,” “nice,” “very” and “quite.” If you’re tempted to write “good,” for example, ask yourself what you mean by it: You might consider a thing or idea good because it’s effective, efficient, moral, advantageous, accurate, in working order or valuable, among other possibilities.Finally, never use the word “literally” unless you’re certain that it’s correct in the context.I wanted to know from people who've already given it: What was your essay score, and what effect did it have on your final score? If it's any consolation, College Composition had one of the highest pass rates among CLEPs in 2017. My biggest tips for this exam: On test day, you'll get two different kinds of essays.How did you prepare for those random topics like,"Only impossible goals in life are the ones we set for ourselves" and things like that? For the first one, you'll be asked to draw on your own experience to explain your position on a topic.” The key here is to clearly develop your own stance on the topic, but to support or contrast your argument with quotations or paraphrased material from both sources.Make sure to provide in-text citations when you mention ideas from the passages.For both essays, you’ll use your writing time most efficiently by taking a few minutes to outline your thoughts before you start typing.Use the scratch paper provided to jot down your thesis -- your central claim or argument -- and at least three points that support it.


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