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Note: An LPI score of 30/40 (Level 5) on the essay section is considered equivalent to a CPT score of 48; a score of 24-26 (Level 4) is equivalent to a CPT score of 41.

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Within this framework, policy on national and international issues is prepared by central government and forms the basis for legislation ratified by the Dutch Parliament.

Policy related to the provinces and municipalities is devolved to government at these levels, closer to the people and on the principle of promoting public participation in democracy.

These authorities prepare local regulations and have both the legal and financial means to implement and enforce decisions and regulations.

Municipalities may also work together with public authorities such as Water Boards on water quality and wastewater treatment.

Students achieving less than 41, and whose first language is English, should contact the Upgrading and University Preparatory (UUP) department for appropriate placement.

Students achieving less than 41, and whose first language is not English, should contact the English as a Second Language (ESL) department for appropriate placement.Close cooperation between all levels of government inherent in the Dutch system ensures the necessary checks and balances.While national policy on environment is the responsibility of the Ministry, provincial government is responsible for translating these guidelines into the regional context.Prerequisites: English 12 with a final grade of C *and* (ENSK 0902) with a final grade of B, or English 12 with a final grade of B (or equivalent as per VCC's English language proficiency requirements) or English 12 Provincial exam score of 72% or ONE of the following test scores: ABE assessment with 60 in reading, 52 in writing, and 0991 on essay or LPI 5/35 or LET 4 or Active registration with the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of British Columbia.The Netherlands has a long tradition of consultation and cooperation of government bodies, stakeholder organisations, and citizens.Environmental regulations may vary from one municipality to another, for instance on separated waste collection from households and commercial and industrial activity, and the treatment, recycling and disposal of waste.The Dutch Water Boards play a key role in environmental management in the Netherlands because they are responsible for managing and maintaining surface water quantity and quality throughout the country.The 12 provincial governments develop regional policy and draw up regional plans setting out the zoning guidelines for the location and expansion of residential, industrial and commercial areas within cities, towns and villages.Environmental management policy is related to spatial planning and directed to creating a healthy environment with clean air, water and soil by regulating emissions from road transport, industry and other sources.The municipalities are responsible for preparing regulations for implementing and enforcing the regulations in the national Environmental Management Act and other environmental regulations.The Environmental Management Act covers matters such as separated waste collection, disposal of hazardous waste, air quality, and noise nuisance, and environmental permits for industrial and commercial activity.


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