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Furthermore, the thesis proposal should show that you not only know how to solve problems, but also how to frame the issues.Finally, the thesis proposal should demonstrate that you have developed strong and insightful intuitions as to which research themes are promising.Except in exceptional cases, this new research should be appropriate for inclusion in the dissertation.

Furthermore, the thesis proposal should show that you not only know how to solve problems, but also how to frame the issues.

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The graduate program secretary will not schedule more than two events in the same day—one in the morning and one in the afternoon—to ensure the availability of interested faculty members.

Students should try to schedule events well in advance to make sure they meet the spring PAS deadline.

The thesis proposal defense serves to verify these points.

In short, the proposal, talk, and exam should demonstrate to the dissertation advisory committee that an entire dissertation is indeed likely to result within a reasonable time frame.

After choosing a topics students should search through literature to answer the following questions: You should be actively engaged in research on the topic by the fall of your third year.

Your preliminary advisory committee members will usually become your dissertation advisory committee.If your preliminary advisory committee had no outside member, you must bring one on board at this time.The committee members should be Rochester faculty members holding the rank of at least assistant professor, and three should be from the Department of Computer Science.This proposal should explain: You should also include a well-researched bibliography.The thesis proposal should be of high quality in style, content, and exposition.After choosing an advisor and a general category, the next step is to decide what you really want to do.This involves finding, with the help of your advisor, a suitable topic.Choosing an advisor should not be done lightly; changing advisors can significantly delay completion of your studies.The preliminary advisory committee must contain:*This is a department requirement. A faculty member from outside the department can also be included, and must be included when the final dissertation advisory committee is formed in the second term of the third year.A public presentation is a required part of the thesis proposal defense.It is a chance for you to publicly present your ideas to the community and for your committee to judge both the ideas and the presentation.


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