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Although there are petty arguments and disagreements of each other’s ideas, the facilitator is there to control the situation.

The important thing is that everyone arrives at a consensus by the end of the session.

Meetings also provide an opportunity for the management to acknowledge the accomplishments of group members through public recognition.

One reason why a meeting is important is because it helps a group to reach a common decision when urgent and crucial matters need to be discussed and brainstormed through personal interaction.

As a tool in business, meetings with business clients can be done through lunch or dinner meetings for a change of environment.

But this is best done if the conversation is light such as that of closing a business deal or sealing in the contract.The whole team is constantly updated with how well the project goes and what things need to be worked on.Another example is when there are changes in the departmental goals.For more serious issues though, a more formal setting is ideal.Regular work sessions do not just strengthen bonds and work relationships among employees, but it also keep teams on track regarding work matters.Individuals must understand that meetings are very essential to the success of the organization.Although it is an integral part of office routine and some may find it plain and boring in the long run, meetings go beyond achieving goals; it fosters and strengthens good working relationship. For example, when a team is given a huge project, a kick-off meeting is the best way to delegate tasks and assignments.In order to keep track of the work progress, regular meetings can be conducted where team members share each other’s development.Negotiations are actually best dealt with over business meetings.There are times when business affiliates can get business deals over and done with in a one-time meeting.


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