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The variety of scientific studies shows that handwriting skills are imperative for learning and cognitive abilities of a person.The educational system must preserve handwriting lessons in their curriculum for a number of reasons.But we should remember that our spiritual side and not calculus is what really makes us human. It is a part of our personality that differentiates us from others.

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In the previous article on free essay editor online we talked about writing an expository essay and reviewed a free sample of it.

In today’s post of free online essay editor blog we will also be able to learn more about another particular type of essay.

To say it in other words, when children write by hand they learn how to read faster and how to generate new ideas.

The children who learn to write by hand are more literal and creative then their keyboard using pears.

What about a postcard that a little child writes in his new unsure way to his mother?

Handwriting can convey more that information, it can share love.

The students who create handwritten notes do better on the tests.

They are able to recall the information easier than their computer using group mates.

Such effect is due to the fact that during writing by hand we process the information in a completely different way than during typing.

The different brain regions are activated and different neuron pathways are used.


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