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If you’re looking for a really good academic writing software to boost your productivity, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re going to list the best tools for academic writing that you can use to write faster and better organize your notes and ideas.

For more information, check out the video below: Type Set is an incredible tool that simplifies the way academic and research writing is done.

This software allows you to efficiently focus on finding the right information for your paper and then note down your ideas.

If can also save interesting text passages along with the source and page numbers.

If you’re having problems structuring your ideas, you can categorize your entries to outline your paper.The tool offers an impressive academic phrase bank of 20,000 frequently used phrases in academic writing.This will help non-native English speakers paraphrase their text and improve their academic writing skills.Some may argue that using La Tex to write academic papers is too complicated.Indeed, you need to use a series of codes to actually establish the layout of your page.Whether you’re writing a novel, research paper, script or other type of text, Scrivener helps you collect research information, take notes, view research alongside your writing and order fragmented ideas so that you can create a cohesive paper.Basically, the software brings all the tools that you need into one place.The software also supports team work, allowing you to collaborate with your peers.You can buy Citavi from the tool’s official website.Once you’ve decided on the structure of you paper, you can simply insert your saved quotations.Moreover, when you insert a quote, the tool automatically adds it to your bibliography.


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