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The pheromone technology mimics a mother dog calming her pups and helps alleviate stress-related behavior such as inappropriate marking, excessive barking and chewing.Not so-good dog behavior #3: Chewing on unapproved items.

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With pups and older dogs alike, some bad dog behaviors occasionally appear.

Luckily, Anthony Newman, CPDT-KA and founder of Calm Energy Dog Training NYC, shared a few lesser known tips and tricks to curb your dog problems, and we’re sharing them with you!

Practice the “lie down” command with your pup showing his tummy.

By asking a dog who’s exhibiting anxious dog behavior to “sit” in a trigger situation, you are allowing him to remain vigilant and in control of his surroundings.

Asking him to lie down all the way on his side puts him in the most vulnerable position for a dog.

By repeatedly asking him to become submissive on command in a stressful situation rather than being on guard, he will learn that his perceived threats aren’t going to harm him, and he will start to turn to you for guidance when he is anxious.Most people start puppy potty training with a crate because dogs don’t want to where they live; however, Newman reminds us that if you ever want to leave your dog at home alone uncrated, you should condition him to feel that your entire home is his living space.Using a modular , will allow you to confine your dog to a small space to make his own.Separation anxiety is often difficult to correct because the dog behavior ceases once your pup is reunited with you.Getting your dog outside on long walks multiple times a day or allowing him to run, play and socialize off-leash at a dog park will give him the opportunity to fulfill his need for mental, physical and social release. Dog training for unwarranted dog behaviors, such as jumping up on people or furniture, chasing people or other animals, and stealing food or toys, is best done through correction.Chewing is a natural dog behavior that, when not given an appropriate outlet for, will result in bad dog problems.Newman recommends natural or rawhides to serve as a long-term reward for your dog.By recreating natural dog behavior that pups already learn from their moms, bad dog problems can be resolved. Biting, also known as mouthing, is very common in puppies, but can also stay with an older dog if not corrected when they are younger. “Mouthing is designed to engage you in interactive play.” A common technique in figuring out how to stop a dog from biting is ignoring negative puppy behavior.However, when it doesn’t work, you end up rewarding your pup with a fun game by retracting your hand or whatever your puppy is chewing on.As he grows and makes the area his own, you can gradually expand it little by little until it coincides with your entire home.Training your pup to go outside when he needs to go to the bathroom can be a tedious process, but staying patient and consistent is key in achieving results.


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