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At advanced stages of learning and in this case, beyond high school, students are trained to be information seekers and great writers.

The type of writing students engage in at this level is equally advanced.

A supportive spouse or parent may be included on occasion.

Additionally, students should keep in mind all of the librarians at different archives and research assistants who helped with the research.

In the acknowledgments section of the dissertation, students will need to recognize the professors, advisers, librarians, committee and researchers who made the dissertation possible.

While some of these individuals may be directly involved in the process, others may be included in the acknowledgments for their morale support.

This means that you should get hold of a good sample acknowledgement, read through and then get to understand what is expected of you.

To find one you can trust, you tutor is always in a good position to provide you with one.

For example, as opposed to middle or high school kind of literary composition where you simply write from your natural knowledge regarding a topic, in college writing, you take into account the need for prior research.

Once you have researched and gathered enough information, the next stage is to compile a paper that is sure to earn you good grades.


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