Disadvantages Of Industrialization Essay

Due to this discovery, businesses could operate around the clock.We were no longer limited to the hours of daylight that the sun provided.Indeed Western Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States all attained high levels of income per capita by shifting from agrarian-based production to manufacturing and technologically sophisticated service sector activity.

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The more affluent of the white-collar classes moved into the suburban areas.

In contrast, many of the very wealthy continued to live in city mansions.

Now, that cities were liberated from darkness people were able to be more productive, as well as businesses.

Because electricity was supplied to homes and businesses, everyone was able to benefit from it.

Second, public transit systems in big cities provided an outlet from congested cities.

Last, the discovery of a method for transmitting electricity help to light up our daily lives.

Through the development of a transcontinental railroad system, the west was settled and many American dreams were in reach.

Second, the development of new public transit systems, was important in shaping the design of our cities and the growth of our cities by enabling people to move further away from the inner city.

Prior to the development of a more efficient railroad system, the movement of people and freight were relatively slow, difficult, and costly.

Because of different rail gauges, sometimes freight had to be unloaded and then reloaded on boxcars.


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