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It helps to begin with an attractive statement like an anecdote or a question.This helps keep your introduction exciting and engaging.The sentences that follow offer supporting details.

It helps to begin with an attractive statement like an anecdote or a question.

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Ensure that your body supports your thesis statement.

The first sentence of each paragraph should include the main point that you will discuss in the paragraph.

You, therefore, need to come up with a central theme that will drive your descriptions throughout the essay.

All the details you give the reader will be related to your central idea.

You need to like something to another so that the reader can understand what you mean. You need to tap into the reader’s senses so that you write a great descriptive essay.

Your words need to be appealing to the reader’s senses. The topic will guide your steps so that you understand how to structure your essay.Note down everything that you know about the topic so that you do not leave anything out.You need to organize your statements when writing a descriptive essay.You should arrange your statements in a chronological, spatial and significance order.You will know with a good idea of what a good introduction entails.After the summary, you should end the introduction with a thesis statement.The subtopics you come up with will formulate the content of the paragraphs in your body. Your introduction should be impressive so that you can attract the attention of the reader.Sieve through your rough draft and retain the information that you will use in your descriptive essay. It will determine whether the reader will read through the rest of your essay or not.Give the reader a summary of the information that you will be discussing in the body. You can use an anecdote or a fun fact that will interest the reader.End your introduction with a thesis statement that gives the reader your central theme. Come up with something original that highlights the main purpose of your descriptive essay. Use all the elements of descriptive writing discussed above to structure your descriptions.


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