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Imagine if you never gave any situation any consideration or critical thought, such as if your car broke down, or your child started crying, or your coworkers misplaced something important.You wouldn't be very self-sufficient, self-improving, helpful, or successful!This will help them think critically during similar and future situations.

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During the evaluation process the nurse will determine whether or not this problem needs further investigation or action.

In this case, the nurse researches rehabilitation options and other medications that she might use to treat this patient's pain without augmenting a dangerous addiction.

The nurse talks to the patient about what is going on.

The patient admits that she has been seeking extra medication, and lab results confirm that the patient has too much medicine in her bloodstream and is once again in danger.

Now it's time for the nurse to take the fourth action: evaluation.

During the evaluation phase of critical thinking the nurse will weigh the pros and cons of taking any action to fix the problem.Critical thinking is not only for nurses, but for all types of people and professions.Five main actions a nurse can do to think critically are: By using the process of critical thinking a nurse can take note of experiences and place them in memory.The nurse speaks with the physician as well as the pharmacist about this patient's struggles.In summary, _critical thinking_ is a process to help you think and act in way that actively engages your mind through thoughtful analysis by using your observations and experiences.She thinks she must investigate further to learn whether the patient is abusing drugs.The third action that the nurse must take is information gathering, looking for factual evidence that supports the issue or problem that you have recognized and questioned.Imagine that a nurse is working on an outpatient basis with a patient who has a history of opioid abuse, though the patient has been sober for several months.In this example, you will see how critical thinking helps the nurse interpret what is now happening for the patient, thus getting the patient necessary help.You can test out of the first two years of college and save thousands off your degree.Anyone can earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level.


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