Critical Thinking And Clinical Judgement

Critical Thinking And Clinical Judgement-76
Unfortunately, many graduates from associate degree nursing (ADN) programs are not able to think critically upon entering the work force.

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Qualitative Article Critique Critical thinking and clinical judgment are important skills that professional nurses use in every day clinical setting. Jeanne Mann was done to evaluate the effectiveness of educational strategy to develop clinical judgment skills in nursing students.

In this study, the population was identified as volunteered Level II baccalaureate nursing students from a Midwest nursing program.

The title of the article clearly indicated the focus of the study and created an interest in reading the research due to nurses utilize their ability to critical think and clinical judgment in all aspect of their practice.

Problem Critical thinking and clinical judgment are vital skills for professional nurses.

Or somebody says, "Clinicals are critical thinking." What do you mean by that?

Because I need to know that we're talking about the same thing.

The conceptual framework applied was Bloom's Taxonomy and Tanner's clinical judgment model.

A purposeful sampling of 7 novice nurses from 3 ADN programs was chosen.

Social change is expected to occur when student nurses are able to critically think upon graduation, resulting in positive patient outcomes, both of which will benefit patients, their families, and their communities.

In a series of interviews with ATI, NCSBN's foremost expert on the Next Generation NCLEX discusses how the organization is taking an analytical look at the exam.


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