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This is because we are socially conditioned to assume that people are acting in good faith.

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Regularly practicing a self-evaluation can be an excellent way to build your critical thinking skills and ensure that you are thinking and behaving in a way that is honest and fair.

One of the most important elements of critical thinking is the willingness to accept that you could be wrong or could have done something better.

We receive information all day long from a variety of sources like parents, friends, business associates, the media, and many others - but how do you know whether or not they're telling the truth?

We tend to believe the things that family and friends tell us, and more often than not, we like to believe that others are being honest as well.

For example, if the subject is about medicating children with depression, one person would take the 'for' position and the other the 'against' position.

Debates require each side to assemble and review data and evidence, consider varying perspectives, and build a case for why they're either for or against a position.

In a broad sense, critical thinking is about absorbing facts and considering information or subjects from different perspectives in order to be as well-informed as possible.

This may seem like an easy or straightforward thing to do, but critical thinking is not an innate skill; rather, it is one that develops throughout different stages of our lives through awareness and practice.

Critical thinking is the ability to objectively analyze situations and information in order to draw conclusions and make evaluations.

One of the best ways to begin the critical thinking process is to consider the objective (or goal) and motive of the people involved.


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