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In Snow Falling on Cedars, readers observe different types of problems.

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Don’t worry—by the time you finish reading through this post, you’ll be able to better focus that critical lens so that you can write a stellar essay.

Before we get into how to write your critical lens essay, we should first talk a little more about what it is.

For example, when Lyons asks him for a small amount of money, Troy creates a big scene, detailing problems he had had in the past with getting credit, such as paying for furniture through ten-dollar monthly installments.

It is clear that Troy is rather selfish, for he tries to keep what little amount of money he has for himself.

Once you know which quote you want to use, you’ll have to decide which pieces of literature you want to support your quote.

Again, your teacher might have already picked these out for you, but if not, you should choose pieces of literature that aren’t ambiguous in their themes, symbolism, motifs, and so on.In your introduction, you should include the quote and your interpretation (rewording/explanation) of the quote.Your thesis statement comes directly after the interpretation and should include whether you agree or disagree with the quote and a brief explanation of why, drawing evidence from literature.Going behind one^s back is an easy way out of resolving a problem^the person was plainly too indolent to spend the time to find a more mutually acceptable solution.Troy^s demeanor is unacceptable not only with Cory, but also with other characters in the book.You can’t disagree with a quote because of your own personal experiences—at least not in your critical lens essay.In fact, you may even end up taking a different position than the one you actually believe to be true. The important thing is that you can support your claim with evidence.However, his father was against Cory^s goals, insisting he prioritize his work and house chores over the football.Ordinarily, there is nothing wrong with a parent making major decisions for his/her children, but in this case, Troy^s solution to the problem was simply to go behind Cory^s back and revoke his membership on the team.Your thesis statement is what tells the reader exactly what your critical lens essay is about.Not only that—you can also use it as a way to stay focused on the topic at hand.


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