Creative Writing Sheets

If you’re going to write a novel in November, the time to plan is now.

With that in mind, we’ve created a dozen note templates to help you collect and structure your thoughts in Evernote.

Many of them include questions or prompts to get you started, but you can feel free to replace those with inventions of your own.

Start filling them out today and they’ll keep you anchored while you write your 30-day masterpiece.

Hitting these “beats” gives your story a rhythm while leaving the details open to your imagination. Snowflake method checklist Maybe you’d rather work from the top down than from the ground up. ), Randy Ingermanson’s “snowflake method” grows an entire novel from a single sentence.

Each step of the process methodically expands upon the one before, filling in detail until you have a complete draft. Story timeline tracker Regardless of the plotting method you use, keeping track of time in your novel is important.

Learn more » Are you the sort of writer who wants a solid plan in place before typing “Chapter 1?

” You’ll need a roadmap that begins with a premise and culminates in an outline.

Get it » Even if you aren’t the plotting and outlining type, the more you know about your characters and the world they inhabit, the better your writing will be.

The following templates will help you brainstorm and remember the little details that make a story come to life, or just give you a bare-bones overview for easy reference: 7. This “quick and dirty” list helps you remember who’s who at a glance. Drop in a photo or drawing of each character to help you visualize your story. Character profile worksheet If you want to go deeper with your characters, you’ll need a full dossier describing their physical appearance, manner of speaking, behavioral traits, and background.


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