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This is the pre-verbal language that linguists call Mentalese.Hardly a language, more a matrix of shifting patterns, consolidating and compressing meaning in fractions of a second, and blending it inseparably with its distinctive emotional hue. So that when a flash of red streaks in across his left peripheral vision … unexpected and dangerous, but entirely his, and not of the world beyond himself.speaking extemporaneously in a style similar to that of a preacher.

This style example comes from the opening description of the eponymous Emma, and shows Austen’s interest in social standing. He touched the palm of his hand against the pine needles where he lay and he touched the bark of the pine trunk that he lay behind.

He was completely integrated now and he took a good long look at everything. Her sandals revealed an ankle bracelet and toenails painted vermilion.

Style choices also include the prevalence or absence of metaphor, repetition, foreshadowing, irony, and so on.

Choosing between a character driven novel and a plot driven novel is also part of an author’s style.

For example, the style of a thriller will be very different from a fantasy novel written for young adults.

Style dramatically alters the reading experience for the audience.

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In literature, style comprises many literary devices that an author employs to create a distinct feel for a work.

These devices include, but are not limited to, point of view, symbolism, tone, imagery, diction, voice, syntax, and the method of narration.


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