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Just as functional resumes emphasize abilities and downplay work experience for those candidates with gaps in their work experience, creative resumes adapt to the needs of the applicant by using different aspects to promote the strengths of their profile, based on the required qualities of the job listing.In today’s competitive job market, it comes as no surprise that people are resorting to more abstract ways of applying for work and for some candidate profiles it can be extremely beneficial to know how to make a creative resume.In a competitive job market, creative resumes are a great way to show off your design skills and stand out from other applicants.

The important thing to remember when creating your CV is to keep it relevant to your industry.

For creative roles your imagination is your boundary, however for more professional and corporate roles opt for clean layouts and simple designs (which can still be very creative).

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It is becoming increasingly common for jobseekers to reject the traditional, standard black-and-white word resume and use in its place more original, creative resumes that are designed to attract attention from the hiring manager.

So why not communicate that to potential employers with your resume?

Applicants have used Vine videos, infographics, and even candy wrappers to replace the standard CV.

Therefore, the following guide will help jobseekers get inspiration to create an innovative resume that will catch the eye of the hiring manager for its vision and inventive nature.

When a jobseeker needs to produce a resume, it is time to start thinking about how to brand him or herself, how they can sell themselves as a useful addition to a company.

Using hot pink paper may make your resume stand out, but what does it say about your skills?

Make sure you're communicating a distinctive skill set through your idea and its execution.


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