Creative Problem Solving Activities For Kids

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At its core, problem solving is centered around three essential processes: Because learning is an evolving process, different problem-solving exercises for kids are needed at different stages of the process to encourage intellectual and social development.

Below is information that educators (and parents) may apply.

Watch how they interact with one another and address the dilemmas they encounter.

While you may be tempted to jump in and help solve their challenges, doing so too early may send a message that you lack confidence in their abilities.

For young children, the things they consider to be “problems” come up quite often in their interactions with peers and teachers.

And even though we may feel that our students are “over-reacting” by considering the smallest of happenings to be a problem, the problems feel very real to them.

This illustrates that making mistakes is not a bad thing, but rather an opportunity to learn and grow intellectually and from a personal standpoint.

Social Problem Solving is the process of changing or adapting to undesirable situations that come up in our day to day life as we engage with others.

The experiences of a former student shared by the George Lucas Educational Foundation stressed the importance of moving away from “nice, easy-to-understand” problems and toward more complex problems.

As students make the transition to high school, it can be beneficial to place emphasis on the development of ‘soft skills.’ While ‘hard skills’ are those that are specific to how a job should be done, soft skills emphasize interpersonal or people skills, including communication and listening skills, and empathy.


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