Creative Letter Writing Lesson Plans

By focusing on specific problems at their own company, the student's interest is engaged thereby ensuring a more effective learning environment.

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Daily Writing Prompts Printable writing prompts with pictures to help encourage creativity.

Handwriting Find resources to help your students improve their handwriting.

The follow-up would include a written assignment of writing a letter of complaint.

Students would then once again exchange letters read, correct and reply to the complaint.

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In this manner, students would continue working on this specific task over a period of time thus enabling perfection of the task through repetition.

The above plan takes the rather common task of the complaint and replies in the business setting as the central focus for ​comprehension and language production skills.

Prepare a small selection of images that relate to each question and ask the child to point at the one which best fits into the story they are telling. Depending on the student’s level, I either have them tell the stories to me and I write them down as we go along, or they write themselves.

If they are able to, I try to get them to write the third lesson by themselves.


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