Creation Vs Evolution Essay

This has little to do with evolution, of course, but much to do with some rather nasty strains of politics, such as theocratic tyranny and global warming denialism, that are practiced or pushed by Pensacola Christian College.

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This process started when Adam and Eve disobeyed God and their sin brought a curse on all of creation.

The second law of thermodynamics describes this truth. On a more fundamental level, even the Big Bang theory does not answer that question: it says that the world came out of a primeval atom, but is completely open with regards to whether the atom was created, who or what created it, why it was there, etc., etc. For anyone who needs eternal certainty about something, they should try being eternally certain about the scientific method; though the conclusions drawn by it may change, the method itself will always be good.

If one has to be a creationist to understand creationism, then why do creationists try to convert atheists with it?

Between the large numbers of Christians (including most theologians) who accept evolution theory as compatible with "God's Word," and the massive numbers of non-Christian creationists (Hindus, Muslims, pagans, etc.), the lie can be put to this one quite easily.

However, that article focuses more on the factual issues with the creed, and it has been demonstrated that arguments drawn from reality have but little weight with creationists.

Hence, this side-by-side focuses more on the philosophical problems. However, evolution is not per se a matter of faith; it is inferred from faith in reality and in the scientific method, and since creationists claim to share said faith, they are in no position to dispute evolution on those grounds.This particular verse does not specify exactly how God went about this task, and belief in the literal account was not at all universal even in the very early days of Christianity; the idea there is not that God told a fib, but that Genesis is a poetic account of things. That section of Hebrews 11 is describing faith as the evidence of things not seen.It is therefore fallacious to conclude that any evidence of God creating the world would be visible to us, yet the creationists never tire of telling us that such evidence exists and is in plain sight.It can be scaled up or down in detail, depending on the educational level of the students and the time available to the teacher or professor.What is critical, however, is that any teacher using this exercise in a public school be acutely aware that the purpose of the lesson is to illustrate to students the factual error of the dichotomy they (probably) came to class with.There is a lot more consensus in the scientific community than in any religion you can name, or even in the "creation science" camp, which grinds out new crackpot theories at the rate of about fifty for every objection raised to creationism.Many — if not most — Americans think of the creation and evolution controversy as a dichotomy with "creationists" on one side, and "evolutionists" on the other.It is highly desirable to move people away from this inaccurate dichotomy.A simple classroom exercise, the Creationism/Evolution Continuum, has been used successfully by middle and high school teachers as well as university professors to illustrate the many intermediate positions between the extremes.1) and walk students through each of the stages, describing each one.It is also possible to dress it up with powerpoint, illustrations, etc.


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