Creating Problem Solving

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Or perhaps you asked why the creative problem solvers are the ones who get promoted even if they lack some technical skills required for the job?

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Perhaps you have a problem that bugs you daily and wish you can solve that problem and have a wildly successful invention!

Perhaps you wondered why some startups and entrepreneurs can have unique ideas that succeed and you can't find one?

In this course, I’ll share with you my interpretation of practical creativity.

And the four stages for practical creative thinking. Finding a new, unique and practical solution to any problem is not a magical spill and no you don’t need golden pixie dust. Practical creative thinking (PSTI method) is a scientific method based on psychology and neuroscience of the brain. (you can see their icons in the photo of the course and see the icons for each step)P is the preparation stage as you are going to the creative thinking adventure you have to prepare your mind to enjoy the adventure (no worries there are no weird techniques and no techniques involve balloons or deep breathing).

I want creative thinking method that is practical and productive in a short time.

That is what is called Practical creativity By definition, Practical creativity is the ability to discover solutions that will solve problems (period).

They can easily find practical ideas that really works like charm.

When you look at those people ‘The great minds’ you probably think they have the creativity genes in their DNA and they were born with the creative golden spoon in their mouth. Until one day, I faced a problem that was so complicated and I couldn’t find a solution to it.

you'll be able to leverage ideas, that would otherwise…be left untapped, and make connections that could have easily gone unnoticed …or may have been overlooked altogether.…We'll cover each of these techniques in greater detail. This stage is the final destiny .is the stage to find if your ideas will really succeed in the world or you need to modify it to get the best results.

Each stage and step of the PSTI method is explained in details with examples and stories so that you have the proof that this method works.


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