Cover Letter For Electrical Design Engineer

I led a design team in the development of a family of Data Converter products with ultra-low glitch and low-power performance.

I have an innovation in DAC calibration and considerable experience in ADC design.

I am highly passionate about the work associated with this position and would welcome the opportunity to work with your exceptional team at 3S Services.

I look forward to speaking with you to determine if I might be a good fit for the position at this time.

My most recent experience has been in leading the design and development of Next-Generation Quadrature Modulator with integrated PLL/VCO for Base Station Applications.

As project lead, I handle the entire project flow from specification negotiation with customers, managing the design team to supervising lab and application engineers.

Electrical Services Division Hiring Committee3S Services Midland, TX January 19, 2017 Dear Hiring Committee members, It is with great enthusiasm that I submit my application for the Regional Manager for Electrical Services position.

Knowing this position focuses on providing leadership and oversight of day-to-day operational activities as well as experience in project planning, scheduling and coordinating electrical work, I feel that my background in global electrical engineering and energy operations make me the perfect fit for the role.

I also have a demonstrated commitment to safety in engineering design by achieving 365 days incident-free on 2 rigs.

I understand that this position requires involvement in all parts of the electrical design and development process including working with a multi-disciplinary project team.


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