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In order to constitute a compensable accident under the New York State Workers' Compensation Law (WCL), the accident must arise out of and in the course of the claimant's employment.

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In other words, during the course of integration, the two companies will need to combine all of their operating processes.[Forbes] During the course of yesterday’s proceedings it emerged that civil court proceedings are pending in the matter.

Course of employment is a legal consideration of all circumstances which may occur in the performance of a person's job, especially during a period of time where specific objectives are given by the employer to the employee. Extreme examples would likely find the employer is liable for a truck driver on his assigned route but not for a secretary picking up her child from day care.

If an employee is driving a motor vehicle during working hours and harms the person or property of another, a court would consider course of employment to determine if the employer had vicarious liability for the harm.

In addition, generally, absent some physical connection to the premises of an employer in time and space, an accident that befalls an employee on his or her way to or from work has not arisen "in the course of employment." With regard to altercations between employees after the workday ends, generally, a claim regarding to the fulfillment of threats uttered during working hours, in the course of a work-connected argument, is compensable under the continued altercation rule if it was commenced within the time and space limits of employment.

If it is established that if the claimant's accident occurred in the course of his or her employment, the claimant may then enjoy the benefit of certain statutory presumption, which may enable the claimant to establish a compensable claim — even where evidence establishing that the accident actually arose out of the employment is lacking.


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