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The balance of energy and contrast in the photograph is powerful.

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One of the more fun resources I’ve found for this is Aperture Foundation’s , which outlines 307 assignments and ideas from photographers around the world. But they all will make you think and look at a subject in a different way.

I understand it is not new, but I often refer back to this book, either when I feel a lack of motivation, or just as a source of inspiration as I begin a new project.

Read More Finally we have the 3rd assignment that takes inspiration from cinematography.

Photo Assignment #4 is to work with high-angle shooting as your approach.

I would have much rather completed the work on my own time, preferably outside. I’ve since learned, thanks to Gretchen Rubin’s , that I respond best to external accountability.

This is why I am constantly taking classes or reading books which layout assignments in photography.Read More The challenge for Photo Assignment #7 is motion in photography. A photograph is a still image that simply captures a moment in time so how do we communicate something as metaphor when it can’t be shown literally? A photo sequence is a group of photographs that go in a specific order …The most obvious solution is to open the shutter with a … In fact, at first I regretted actually giving it out as its highly conceptual and I didn’t think anyone would understand the objective. Read More Photo Assignment #5 is an open interpretation to the idea of “Red”.Still life is a genre in photography that extends back to the past masters of painting.Its a reflection, or a study of an inanimate subject. Another favorite of mine – sometimes simple is the best way to go. This is a broad topic that can include anything from multiple exposures to stitched panoramas. Read More Photo Assignment #12 covers composite imaging.There is ALWAYS something to photograph you just have to get creative. Just take a look at this list of themes and items that are interesting to shoot. If you're wondering why using themes in photography is useful read this. I do need a certain structure and accountability partner to keep me on track, otherwise, I will easily fall off and walk away from the challenge.This is a technique which involves using an element of the composition to “frame up”, or draw attention to your subject.There are many wonderful examples of this throughout the history of photography, yet this technique is rarely taught. Read More Photo Assignment #10 deals with negative space.


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