College Essay Prompts 2014

Matt described how sick Bucky was, how brave he was and how he had used his last energy to crawl to Matt’s side.

The English teacher signed off on this essay and Matt was going to use it in his applications until he talked to me.

Forster-Thomas takes a peek inside this year's Haas business school application and gives you insight on the questions.

By Ben Feuer Although we have already covered the basic dates and deadlines and the primary essay questions here, now that students are beginning their 2014-2015 Haas applications (at least for round one) we thought it was high time to take a closer look at the application.

“Matt,” I said, “your guinea pig isn’t going to college, you are. I know how much you loved Bucky, but this isn’t going to work.” Matt and I talked about ways that he could write an essay that would reflect his love of animals and he settled on writing about his experience at the rescue ranch.

He wrote a tightly focused essay that was stuffed with delightful details.(The Common Application will reveal the new essay topics, sans Option No. ) In an op-ed in the this fall, Doris Davis, a former board president of the Common Application, diplomatically backed into her concerns about the admission essay change: So why did the Common Application folks make this boneheaded move?I suspect in part it’s because the people behind the decision weren’t writers.I’ll give you one example of what I’m talking about.Like a lot of high school seniors, my nephew Matt originally wrote his college essay in his English class. Louis.) Matt wrote about his pet guinea pig who had recently died.In reaction to this close call, the family did not use the lights in their apartment for .Whether a teenager is rich or poor or white, black, brown or any other color, what they need is a better idea of how to write an admission essay.I would much rather learn more about the kid who wants to make better pickles.Not surprisingly, there’s been a lot of push back about this essay change.During the camp last summer, a representative from Cal Tech’s admission office urged the teenagers to choose the “topic of your choice” option when writing their college essay.The admission rep explained to the teenagers that it’s the one essay topic that allows them to be creative and selecting this choice would give Cal Tech a better idea of what kind of person is applying to the school.


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