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The cardinal rule for achieving this is: “Show, don’t tell.” This requires you to draw upon true anecdotes from your life that will If you do the opposite – “Tell, not show” – you end up with boastful claims, such as: “I was considered among the smartest in my department” or “I’m a team player” or “I have the maturity of someone much older.” I have seen some clients make these statements and not back them up with any evidence at all.

Would this sound convincing to you, coming from someone you’ve never met? However, when you highlight selected experiences chosen to underscore your fantastic qualities, you’ll make your own case far more convincingly than by just telling the adcom that you are creative, motivated, and hardworking.

Most importantly; proofread, comply with standard rules of written English, and provide examples with the assertions that you present.

A well prepared essay can be a tipping point for students who may not be as strong in some other academic areas as other students.

The more selective the school the more important course rigor becomes as well as GPA, in addition most of the time standardized test scores.

Make sure your essay is original compared to what else is in the application, do not duplicate.

It is important to know how each school ranks the various factors especially if you are weaker in a particular area, like test scores see number one below.

Many schools place a high priority on SAT and/or ACT scores.

These actions will show your dedication beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Another example: You want to show you’re a team player – a valuable trait for just about any career, and especially important for aspiring MBAs.


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