College Dropout Essay

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Related: Eligible for financial aid, nearly a million students never get it Our research shows that parents of preschool-aged children were roughly twice as likely to drop out of college as those with no children, and that they accumulated significantly fewer credits each semester.

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College Dropout Essay

Instead, she relied on spotty help from family and friends, and tried to juggle her full-time child care responsibilities with her schoolwork.

I have heard many similar stories from struggling student-parents over the decades.

According to national data, college students who have children are 10 times less likely to complete a bachelor’s degree within five years than students who do not have children, even though student-parents on average have higher GPAs.

She had completed several college-level classes successfully and had a 4.0 GPA, but she had to retake several other courses because she didn’t have sufficient time to study.

She couldn’t lower her courseload without losing her financial aid.


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