Cloud Computing Mobile Thesis

Cloud Computing Mobile Thesis-33
It is based on the pay-per-use model meaning that a user has to pay only for the services used.This technology is based on the concept of virtualization.

Paa S delivers applications and services over the internet which the consumers can deploy over the existing infrastructure.

In Saas, hosted applications are delivered to the consumers over the internet.

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A cloud deployment model describes a type of cloud environment on the basis of ownership, size, and access.

There are four types of cloud deployment models: A public cloud is owned by a third party cloud service provider.Cloud Computing services are used in a number of areas due to the following advantages it offers: Green Cloud Computing It is one of the hot topics in cloud computing for thesis and research and it refers to the efficient usage of cloud-based resources by minimizing energy consumption.In simple terms, green cloud computing refers to the use of computing devices in such a way that there is minimum impact on the environment.Iaa S delivers resources such as storage, network, virtual machines to the consumers to deploy and run software and applications.The consumer has no control over the underlying infrastructure.The cloud security can be implemented through the following security measurements: Encryption methods can also be used for securing cloud data.Thus cloud security ensures that the data in cloud services is secured from any type of theft, leakage, or outside attack.Cloud computing resources can be deployed in the following three ways: The working of cloud computing services depends upon the type of cloud service provider.Most of the cloud service providers provide a friendly browser-based dashboard to manage the accounts and resources.You can choose this as your thesis topic as it has a huge scope for research.Cloud Security is a must as the number of organizations using cloud services is increasing.


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