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Books: Readings include essays by Benjamin, Balazs, Bazin, Eisenstein, Vertov, Baudry, Metz, Mulvey, Deleuze, and others.Prerequisite: CINE 121Introduction to shooting and editing 16mm, emphasis on learning to use the skills and theory behind production processes for mindful and provocative expression, on learning to reach meanings in cinematic terms with a critical and creative eye.

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Since the very first films were made, critics and theorists have come up with various explanations, interpretations and "missions" for the cinema. What is the role of the spectator in creating the film's meaning?

These responses give us a context for investigating how films are constructed and why we continue to enjoy watching moving images. How and why do we identify with screened images; and with character roles such as hero or anti-hero or even villain? How does cinema "construct" gender, race and ethnicity? how are we taken in to the screened fantasy and why?

The aim of this course is to highlight that it is, when a film entertain an awareness of cinematic conventions and processes by challenging the seamless illusion of conventional cinema, that some of the most surprising and revelatory cinematic moments have been created.

That is a lesson not lost on most of the great film artists of our time.

The course consists of lectures, demonstrations, screenings, critiques, and discussions for increasing the awareness and the creative potential of the formal limits and structures that inform the language of moving images. We will examine various examples that demonstrate the vast and creative potential of documentary filmmaking, such as the investigative, the archival, ethnographic, sensational, or comic documentary, or cinema vérité, agit-prop, grassroots community work or the intimate biographical journey.

Regular attendance at Harpur Cinema screenings and visiting artist presentations required. THIS COURSE IS APPROPRIATE FOR FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS. How do documentaries capture lived reality and have the potential to help us make sense of the world and even shape this vision of the world?

Format: Screenings, lectures, discussions, weekly readings, and one in-class essay and two take-home papers.

Attendance at all Visiting Artist's Presentations is mandatory and regular attendance at Harpur Cinema is required.

Through screening and reading the course will raise such questions as: What is film's relationship to reality? And finally, what is the future of cinema in the context of recent technologies that change making, distributing and viewing?

Note: There is a fee associated with this course.


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