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Google(); req('single_work'); $('.js-splash-single-step-signup-download-button').one('click', function(e){ req_and_ready('single_work', function() ); new c. What Was the Significance of the Chivalric Code and How Did It Work The Middle Ages presented the world with the noble knights who apart from the power and military skills had to possess the chivalrous spirit of real gentlemen.

It wanted to transform the idea of the social warrior, who associated with the justice, sympathy, and sacrifice for the weak.

Still, the primary issue of chivalry code lied in its peculiarity for a particular lord.

The point is that the knights could prove their chivalrous ideas not only by fighting as the Crusades but during the tournaments, where they presented all their chief virtues and skills.

Another type was known as the religious chivalry according to which the Knights put the God’s will above all, spread the idea of good being against evil.

Initially, the word “chivalry” was used for defining the warriors on horseback, but with the time it transformed into the term meaning the particular code of conduct.

The first point to make is to state that chivalry was mainly applied to the military affairs against the non-Christian states.Even the love affairs did not remain completely clear and spiritual, they in many cases led to the adultery and promiscuity.As a result, the code of chivalry saw its end with the increase of mercantilism and the appearance of the middle class.It presupposed the admiration of one woman among all the others, the honor to her and gentleness.Such attitude was called as the courtly love chivalry with its famous representative Sir Lancelot while expressing his feelings to Guinevere.To be specific, the norms and principles depended mainly on the Lord’s views on what was right and what was wrong.One could consider the adultery as usual in that society, while another forbidden even to think about such crime (Abels).It is impossible to claim about the purely tremendous or adverse influence of the chivalry code on the medieval society. The real life of a medieval knight was too far from a fairy tale.The one thing is clear enough is that the idea of spreading it lied in reducing the level of violence in the community. Almost all free time of a knight was spent either hunting or in war.Such treatment of the females came from the worship of the Virgin Mary but it still, was opposed significantly to the standard Medieval attitude towards women (Charny 3).Notably, they were underestimated and discriminated, not equal to the men, specifically those of the poor classes.


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