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There were segregated nightclubs, of course, but increasingly, cabarets were "black and tans" where the races mixed freely.Black vaudeville houses put on midnight shows where whites sat in the balconies, just as blacks would do in white theaters Chicago’s cabarets and vaudeville theaters put on great shows.These tribe members are hooked in to Chicago’s mainline, embodying the grit that is responsible for the city’s reputation of musical prestige. But being the number one murder capital in the country isn’t so good either.”“We aren’t angry that business and creativity have become one.

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Vernel Bagneris portrays Jelly Roll and here is what the great jazzmen had to say about those times: "In Chicago you could go anywhere you wanted— regardless of creed or color.

That’s how it came to be one of the earliest places jazz arrived—all because of nice treatment—we folks from New Orleans were used to nice treatment." We discover a softer side of Jelly Roll, as Vernel reveals Morton courting his sweetheart Mabel, an exotic dancer at the Plantation Cafe.

Shelly Berg closes the show with an exhilarating performance of the seminal boogie woogie piece which had a deep influence on the development of boogie woogie blues in 1920s' Chicago.

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A growing entertainment district drew the best talent from New Orleans, Texas and the Mississippi Delta.

BONUS CONTENT Jazz Age Chicago could boast a rich mix of New Orleans jazz pioneers like Joe 'King' Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, and a white group known as The New Orleans Rhythm Kings, plus the "Texas Blues" of Sippie Wallace and her boogie-woogie-playing brothers.

It seemed that the great minds spent more time dismissing each other’s work than building their own. In every other field I had studied reason provided a clear path to knowledge. Every time I thought I had deduced the logical path to a new idea I discovered faults in my logic that left me in the same place I had started. “But how do you know your conclusion isn’t like an explanation of the movement of shadows on a wall” I asked alluding to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

“I needn’t concern myself with hypotheses that cannot be falsified. ” “It just does,” the mother said as she walked out of earshot.

Blues shouters shared the bill with comedy skits, dancing duos, jazz bands and acrobats.

On the other hand, the venue for "boogie woogie" was usually somebody’s packed apartment, where only top players got a chance to sit at the piano.


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