Business Technology Analyst Case Studies

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This makes it about as big as Mc Kinsey (~$10bn) and BCG (~$5bn) combined.

Deloitte Consulting grew through a series of acquisitions.

Let's step through regular case interviews and group case interviews at Deloitte in more details.

You can also look at a few case interview examples on Deloitte's website. The style is therefore similar to what you will experience in a BCG case interview or a Bain case interview.

Unfortunately, it is extremely common to have rusty maths skills when you start preparing.

In our experience, candidates who end up getting a job in consulting take some time at the beginning of their preparation to brush up their maths and regain their confidence.The different geographies are therefore less integrated than at a firm like Mc Kinsey which mainly grew organically.Deloitte Consulting has three main practice groups you need to be aware of when applying: 1.Strategy and Operations (S&O) focuses on topics such as corporate strategy, supply-chain improvement, business model transformation, process improvements, etc. Technology consulting focuses on digital strategy, delivery of IT programmes, cyber risks management, designing and building tech-based solutions for clients, etc. Human capital focuses on topics such as organisation transformation, change management, corporate learning and development, diversity and inclusion, etc.The type of work Deloitte S&O does is very similar to what you would do at Mc Kinsey, BCG and Bain.Below we step through the format that's currently being used in the US.If you are applying in another country you can still use this as a rough guide of what to expect.As we mentioned, case interviews at Deloitte are candidate-led and therefore use the same format as BCG and Bain case interviews.This type of case mainly tests your ability to work with others.Monitor is now part of Deloitte S&O and that brand is particularly strong in North America.Deloitte uses 3 steps in its recruiting process: The exact format of each interview round will vary slightly by country.


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