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For example, you may highlight the leadership skills and drive that have allowed you to excel as captain of your soccer team as the same strengths that have been key to your success as a project manager.

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Rich materials abound in this field – you can demonstrate your ability to collaborate with teammates, your resilience in overcoming personal setbacks (such as injuries or failures), and other positive traits.

One inherent advantage to showcasing your athletic background is that your stories will be easy to visualize (like an ESPN highlight reel), and the Admissions Committee will be able to better relate to the highs and lows that you share.

Sometimes others can see aspects of our life that we are blind to ourselves.

We suggest that, shortlist your achievements by talking to friend or a close peer and evaluate 2-3 experiences which you would consider good professional achievements, where you added the maximum value to the organization.

Weigh the pros and cons for each one of them and then make a rough outline of each one of those then finally choose the best.

Once you zero down on your anecdote, follow the SAR (Situation, Action and Result) framework to delineate your anecdote. There you should discuss the case, environment, scope and challenges.Being associated with positive qualities such as strength, agility or gracefulness can only help you as you reach for that coveted spot at a top MBA program.Whether personal or professional, achievements bring a sense of pride and satisfaction.Thus, your stories become effective set-ups for presenting lessons you have learned and how you have become the person you are today.Aside from strengthening your message by demonstrating it across various contexts, this also presents you as a multi-faceted individual.), but sharing that you are part of a national team or that you hold (or held) regional, age-level records in your chosen sport will still help your application.Apart from differentiating you from other candidates within your same industry, your accomplishments can also be used to show consistent character traits that have been common in your successes, which you can bring with you as you make the move to business school.If you have a list of achievements ready, this boost up your confidence while working on your MBA essays.Make sure to start first by sequentially listing your achievements.Likewise, accomplishments in competitive sports can also be effective in strengthening your personal brand – they could be additional illustrations of your reputation as an achiever or as a team player.Sharing interesting personal anecdotes of how a particular athletic event changed your mindset or helped you grow as a person is another way to leverage your athletic background.


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