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On the Wells Fargo site, for instance, you can learn about how business plans work, use some tools to bring the whole thing together, and even do some competitive analysis.As a major benefit, you’ll be working with the company that you’re going to be asking for money, right out of the gates. The SCORE network hooks successful business folk up with the next crop of winners.That being said, it is 100 percent focused on tech startups looking for cash from investors. I mean, sure, you’ll need some software to make any business plan, but we’re talking about Microsoft Office style programs.

You’re not paying, so you’re the product – but it’s a pretty tame version of the old adage.

Strat Pad comes with follow along instructions and ends up generating a very clean and classic looking business plan.

I like the layout of the system and I’m apparently not the only one.

Strat Pad claims over 100,000 businesses are currently using its service.

In the same way that a blueprint is the physical manifestation of a building plan, a business plan is the physical manifestation of your business goals.

Could you build a house without drawing up a blueprint? Is it a super good idea that we’re all about to adopt? In addition to putting your own thoughts on paper and making the organization process more structured, a good business plan is also your pitch.

It updates as you update the document, so you can see what metrics are having the biggest – in Enloop’s mind – impact on your business’s viability.

Sharing the actual score is only available to paid users.

A business plan tells you – and anyone you decide to share it with – what your core function is.

What are you going to bring to the marketplace that no one else is providing or how are you going to provide an existing product in a “better” fashion? Even if you’re just going to be making websites in your bedroom, you’ll need some money for internet access, food, and some software or hosting.


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