Business Plan For Start Up

Continue by explaining how your offering answers this need.

Finish by discussing the competitive landscape by including how other companies are solving this same problem and what makes your solution different than the others?

Depending on the designated size and structure of your business, it’s appropriate to include an organizational chart in this section of your business plan as well.

There are many ways to approach marketing and sales, but you need to start somewhere.

Business plans are often required when seeking funding from banks or Angel investors.

Even if you aren’t pursuing outside financial support, a business plan is just as critical to the success of your start-up.

This portion of your business plan should be one to two pages long.

Without a clearly-defined plan to attract, win and retain business, your company may not grow and thrive.

This section explains how your business will function and delineates the logistics of your organization.

Include details around which departments will be responsible for what and which position or title is in charge of each of them.


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