Business Plan For A Thrift Store

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Thrift stores aren’t usually a fast-track to riches but they can make solid cash.

Thrift stores aren’t usually a fast-track to riches but they can make solid cash.

You’ll reach a larger market of customers and save on all the costs of a traditional store.

In fact, profit margins for online stores like Amazon FBA average 35% and higher which means $35,000 on every $100,000 in sales.

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A thrift store is just a place you sell used items so it’s something you’re probably already familiar with and have probably shopped at a few yourself.

Without a history of business, it’s going to be difficult getting a business loan for your thrift store but you can use a personal loan to get started and buy your initial inventory.

I recommend, an online lender I’ve used for consolidation loans and a home improvement project.Even something like selling on e Bay could be considered something like a thrift store since most of the items are used.Once you know how a thrift store can mean different things, you can start to see how you can start your own store with some unique advantages over traditional thrift stores.There are different types of thrift stores but they basic idea is the same.So you can see that the definition of a thrift store can include a lot of different types of stores.This isn’t your momma’s garage sale or the musty, poorly-lit store you visited as a kid.I have friends that do upwards of a million in sales every year and make six-figure incomes from their online thrift stores.This way, you only get taxed at your personal income rates and don’t have to worry about personal liability for your store.I would recommend taking your thrift store online to really boost profits.You can still accept donations as a for-profit thrift store though they won’t be tax deductible for the donor.There are going to be a lot of advantages to selling online instead of trying to open a physical location for your store.


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