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If you are a founder who is creating a business plan for the first time, we recommend that you use a tool.During the software-supported creation process, you will work through the structural elements step by step and answer predetermined questions.

However, the templates in question are usually general templates that should be personalized.The professionals are trained to avoid common mistakes and identify possible weaknesses in the business idea.Even though the actual creation is handled by the professionals, a successful business plan requires close cooperation with the founder during this process.Free business plan templates can be downloaded from websites oriented toward business founders, such as Another helpful resource is the website of the United States Small Business Administration, which includes free tips and templates to help you create your business plan.The following groups take the business plan’s entrepreneurial template seriously and use it as a basis for making decisions: The preparation of a business plan represents the first big challenge, especially for new and unexperienced entrepreneurs.It is very time-intensive, but ultimately worthwhile.A professional business plan is especially significant for potential sponsors, investors, and lenders.Often, the first impression determines whether or not financial assistance is given.If you want to apply for a founder credit or other financial assistance, the stakes for having a high-quality business plan are significantly higher, which requires putting more effort into its creation.This is also the case when your business idea entails a new and extraordinary concept that necessitates a comprehensive explanation.


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