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Business Law Essay Outline-46
The laws that affect business occupations according to Alexander et al.

The laws that affect business occupations according to Alexander et al.

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Therefore, there is need to look at the laws and the reason why they were passed.

In this case, we will look at the law that regulates businesses in United State of America.

One of the most important agencies in the country is Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

This agencies is mandated tom investigate the companies that are misbehaving and carrying out their duties against the law that is put in place.

According to Earl (1978) the antitrust laws are meant to deal with some four serious vices, which include: The avoidance of entry to agreements, which hamper free and fair competition and lead to eventual unsuccessful business.

Regulation of monopolies or bigger and dominant companies from preventing small-scale companies being competitive.The formation of the antitrust laws in the US made so many governmental agencies to be created to ensure that they oversee the corporate behaviors and the way business is conducted in the country.These agencies were formed to ensure that they follow the way the law is undertaken in the country.There are two categories of unfair competition the traditional ones that are the likes of the counterfeits, bribes and adverts contrary to the product.The other category is by the government by certain persons in power who misuse their power to access of institutions or generally interference with the economy to a point that it is seen as sabotage to the local producers or manufacturers.The paper outlines various laws that regulate businesses, their intended purpose in the business, and how they affect the business.Types of the law that affect the business The main laws that affect the business include consumer protection law, antitrust law, environmental law and the law that protect the public interest.They had build up trust in their customers by forming different organization to ensure that they disguise people and ensure that they monopolize the market keeping the price of their services high.This ensured that they limited supply hence resulting into high price of the products in the market.The Sherman act of 1890 made a declaration that restraint of trade or other related actions by monopolies were illegal (Earl, 1978).bjectives of the antitrust law are the Countering Unfair Competition, protecting the rights, priorities and interests of businesses and consumers by enhancing fair competition for better economic growth.


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